Anonymous asked:
Queen,How do you feel about Lana del Rey

I really enjoy that dish at Casa Don Playa. However I wish the fish tacos were cooked better. 

Anonymous asked:
Uuhhh Uhhh James! Lmao, you're still reductive! This "madonna's tumblr" didn't work out for so long! You tried & you didn't succeed.

who’s James

Anonymous asked:
If Sean Penn called you up, right this second, and said he wanted you back...what would you say?

Anonymous asked:
OH GODDESS!! why can't I enter to the tumblr of your peasant jameslovesaaron? did he offend you? did your army of black child kill him? tell us, queen pls


Hello fans, It’s me, Madonna

I know I haven’t talked to you in awhile. But the overwhelming success of my MDNA tour has been taking up most of my time lately. -pops in Selena Gomez CD- 

I shall return soon to throw shade almost as good as I throw my pumps at you when you sit down at my show. DONT FUCKING DO THAT

Goodbye fans xoxodonna

189 plays Holiday Madonna Celebration [Disc 1]

OBMA has won reelection!
Now, it’s time to celebrate!

Don’t forget what I promised ;) 

1,319 plays Celebration [Disc 1]

One of the tracks from ARTPOP was leaked today, rumored to be the first single. Shit you not. Remember, this is just a demo. Gaga’s vocals haven’t been added yet. 
But if you want to know what ARTPOP will sound like, here it is.  

Anonymous asked:
So you're a part-owner of LiveNation, and let's Gaga tour 18,000 cities so you can earn? A little morbid don't you think?

Gaga’s touring 18,000 cities? Oh my Kabbalah that’s a lot. 

But yes darling, I make it rain. Gaga works for me, technically. 

If the Queen dies, and you all don’t make me a trending topic like this Mitch person,

I will return as a ghost and beat you all up with Ke$ha’s used butt plugs

nachodiamandis asked:
when are you getting your next botox injection? once the MDNE tour is over?

As soon as grand canyons show up on my face again